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Interior Architecture Project

Thinking about the Interior Architecture Project, Architect Virna Carvalho was hired to value the new house.

The original two-storey house with pool and barbecue, being older, had rooms separated by walls or shelves that closed and darkened the rooms.

Now the main idea was to give the feeling of greater amplitude to the internal environments, although it is not possible to grow the physical space of the house.

This was the big challenge, but very interesting.

The Decoration of Environments:

Leaving for the attack, the first was made an analysis of the walls or furniture that could be removed. I realized then that only by removing a bookcase that divided the rooms already we would obtain a good result. The customer loved it, since this would reduce costs.

Internally, we have a broader and better-lit living space by enlarging the sliding door leading to the balcony.

The integrated rooms gave another dimension to the young couple’s residence. As we economized in the civil part, it was possible to invest in the decoration of the environments.

In the room we used a mosaic-like wood panel and white lacquered wood on two “L” walls. Part of the panel is interrupted by the 50 “TV and the effect has been beautiful!

The yellow tone of the façade was chosen to meet the passion of the resident by the color, which also blends very well with the wooden frames.

At leisure, the existing barbecue and pool were recovered and new materials applied to modernize them.

The rooms of the intimate area were created with great care by the Architect Virna Carvalho and the decoration of the light and economic environments. Simply lovely.


Masonry with yellow acrylic exterior paint, wood framed glass, original colonial roof.

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